• Historically White Law Schools.  Historically White law schools (69%) were significantly Whiter than those that weren't (22%). The difference was statistically significant (p=.000).

  • Public vs. PrivatePublic law schools (70%) were Whiter than private law schools (65%). The difference was statistically significant (p=.046).

  • Tiers. Law school rankings can be divided into four tiers, in theory representing the quality and status of law school. The level of Whiteness is significantly correlated to tier. Second-tier law schools (72%) are Whiter than fourth-tier law schools (59%) (p=.000).

  • States. The law schools are located in 49 of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. (Alaska has no law school.) Most states have more than one law school. Puerto Rico had the lowest mean (2%) and South Dakota’s was the highest (91%). The difference among states was statistically significant (p=.000).

  • RegionsThe ABA-LSAC divides the country into 10 regions. The country's region made a difference in law schools' Whiteness with the Midwest (81%) being the most mean whiteness in the law schools and the Far West being the least (52%) (p=.000). The difference was statistically significant (p=.001).