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 Changes in Total Whiteness from 2004 to 2021 

ChangesinWhiteness2004 2021Total Whiteness is the percentage of non-Hispanic white students. It was calculated by dividing the total number of students enrolled in the first year of law school by the total number of White students enrolled during the same period. White Students included those identified as White and Unknown. It does not include White Hispanics.

Of the 200 schools, 176 schools (88%)  had information for both 2004 and 2021.  Of the 176 schools, 166 schools (94%) decreased in Whiteness; 1 school (1%) had no change in Whiteness;  9 schools (5%) increased in whiteness.

The Mean change was to decrease by 10 points, and the median change was to decrease whiteness by 9 points. Thomas Jefferson decreased whiteness by 41 points. While the University of District of Columbia increased whiteness by 16 points. 



Law School Name Decreased in Whiteness Law School Name Increase in Whiteness
Thomas Jefferson School of Law -41 District of Columbia, University of 15.5
St. Thomas University (Florida) -32 Puerto Rico, University of 5
Golden Gate University -31 South Dakota, University of 2.6
Appalachian School of Law -31 Arkansas, Fayetteville, University of 1.1
Barry University -29 Inter American University of Puerto Rico 1
Detroit Mercy, University of -27 Hawaii, University of 0.8
San Francisco, University of -27 Nebraska, University of 0.4
California Western School of Law -24 Wisconsin, University of 0.4
South Texas College of Law Houston -23 Arizona State University 0.1
Cornell University -23
Emory University -23