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2021 The Whitest Law School Rankings


The Whiteness of a law school is based on its Total Whiteness score, Excess Whiteness over LSAC applicant pool, and Excess Whiteness over state population. The higher the score, the more inappropriately White the school. Total Whiteness is the percentage of White students in first-year enrollment for 2017-2019. We counted all Hispanic students as nonwhite. We counted students with race unknown as White. 

Excess Whiteness is based on the percentage of White students in the school compared to the LSAC applicant pool. The LSAC applicant pool was a sum of the excess Whiteness in the national LSAC pool, the regional, and the state LSAC pool. The higher the number, the more the number of White students in the school exceeds the available LSAC pool. The final component is the excess based on the state population. Schools have a responsibility to serve their state's legal requirements. The higher the number, the more schools are not serving their own racially diverse state.

TWLS 022021 overviewThere are 200 law schools in this report. The overall score ranged from 0 to 129. Half of the schools scored more than 44 points. The average score was 46 points. The overall score is the sum of the Total Whiteness Score and Excess Whiteness Score.

Total Whiteness ranged from 0 to 92. The average score was 67 and half of the scores were above 71.

Excess Whiteness scores ranged from 0 to 113. The average Excess Whiteness was 29 and half of the schools had average scores below 32. In all scores, the higher the number the Whiter the school.