• Historically White Schools. Schools that were not historically White had no Excess Whiteness based on the LSAC national applicant pool. The difference from historically White schools (12 points) was statistically significant (p=.000).
  • Public vs. PrivatePublic law schools (13 points) had more national Excess Whiteness than private law schools (9 points). This difference was statistically significant (p=.002).
  • TierThird-tier law schools (13 points) had the most national Excess Whiteness, and fourth-tier law schools had the least (8 points). This difference was statistically significant (p=.001).

  • States. Law schools in Hawaii, New Mexico, and Puerto Rico had no Excess Whiteness. South Dakota and West Virginia had mean national Excess Whiteness of  30 points. The difference between states was statistically significant (p=.000).

  • Region. The Far West has the lowest national Excess Whiteness (1 point). The Midwest (21 points) had the highest mean difference. This difference was statistically significant (p=.000).