Table of Contents

I. Elite American Higher Education Institutions Were Founded upon White Supremacy in the Days of Slavery, Built along White Superiority in the Jim Crow Era And, Today, Operate According to White Privilege

A. Our Most Elite Institutions of Higher Education Were Financed by the Slave Trade, Built with Slave Labor, and Flourished in the Slave Economy

B. the Finest Scholars, Alumni, and Students from Our Most Elite Higher Education Institutions Conceived, Promoted and Defended the Theories and Systems That Justified Slavery, Jim Crow and the Narrative of White Supremacy

C. the Same White Supremacist Ideology That Built and Maintained Our Higher Education Institutions Simultaneously Denied Blacks Any Access to Education During Slavery and Equal Access to Education During Jim Crow

D. Today, the Overwhelmingly White Demographics of Our Most Elite Higher Education Institutions Is Neither an Accident of History Nor the Results of Neutral Meritocracy but the Direct Legacy and Inevitable Consequence of White Supremacy, White Superiority, and White Privilege


II. Racial Disparities in Public School Discipline, Racialized Enforcement of Zero-tolerance Policies, and the School to Prison Pipeline Are the Modern Implements of a System of White Privilege That Has Transformed Most Black K-12 Schools into Institutions of Custody and Control

A. Racial Disparities in School Discipline Fortify White Privilege at the Expense of Black Students and Low-income Students

B. Racialization of Zero Tolerance Policies Accentuates White Privilege in K-12 Education, and Feeds Black Students into the “School-to-prison Pipeline”

C. Racial Disparities in School Discipline, the Racialization of Zero Tolerance Policies, and the School to Prison Pipeline Explicitly Reify the Narrative of Black Criminality and Implicitly Reinforce the Narrative of White Privilege


III. In the Court's Race-conscious Affirmative Action Jurisprudence, Whiteness Is the Privilege That Dares Not Speak its Name

A. the Court's Silence Regarding the Effects of White Privilege on Higher Education Is Part of a Deeper Reluctance to Acknowledge the Legacy or Presence of Racism

B. in Contrast to its Reluctance to Acknowledge the Concept of White Privilege, the Court Has Been Far More Open to Discuss, Whether in Approbation or Condemnation, the Notion of Black Inferiority

C. the Court's Colorblindness, Merit, and Innocence Rhetoric Both Renders Invisible and Perpetuates White Privilege