End of Semester Assignment

Guidelines for REVISED Learning Objectives Assignment

1. This assignment should be at least 1000 words. It will be evaluated on the following:

a. Were your objectives all met, mostly met, mostly not met, not met at all? How well were they met? How? Why? For those that were not met, why weren't they met?

b. Review your learning objectives from the beginning of the semester. (at least 500)

i. Would you make different objectives now that you have been through the course? What would they be? Why?

ii. What are the most important things you learned from this course? Why? The least important? Why?

c. Would you do things differently in terms of approaching the course? What would it be? Why? This NOT a critique of the course but how you approached learning.

2. Use the following Headings:

a. Review of Learning Objectives (include Word Count)

b. Different Learning Objectives

c. Most Important/Least Important Things learned

3. Review of Learning Objectives

a. Start the section with the following sentence:

i. My learning Objectives were [Conplete the sentence with one of the following phrases]

(1) Substantially met

(2) Mostly met

(3) Met more than not met

(4) Mostly not met

(5) Substantially unmet.

ii. Example:\My learning objectives were substantially met.

b. Your discussion should follow.

c. I recommend completing your analysis and your memo before you add the summary sentence.