Guidelines for Developing Learning Objectives   

The following guidelines are provided to assist in the development of appropriate learning objectives for a proposed educational experience.

Step 1. Describe the information, skills, behaviors, or perspectives you will acquire through attendance and participation. 

Step 2. Clearly identify the outcomes or actions you expect to demonstrate as a result of the educational experiences. See the action words below.

Step 3. Write the learning objectives that relate to these outcomes and that reflect the content of the session. Objectives describe your behavior as the learner, and:

are stated clearly

define or describe an action

are measurable, in terms of time, space, amount, and/or frequency.

  Measurable Action Words (examples) Recognize Prioritize Analyze Create Discuss Construct Articulate Describe Apply Assess Evaluate Identify Develop Define List   \


Examples of Learning Objectives

"At the conclusion of the course, I will be able to:

List five indicators that link a healthy community to healthy economy."

Articulate the procedure for assessing the health status of a patient with Alzheimer's Disease."

Develop a care plan for a family of six supported by an annual income of $32,000, and caring for a child who has cystic fibrosis