Decolonization never goes unnoticed, for it focuses on and fundamentally alters being, and transforms the spectator crushed to a nonessential state into a privileged actor, captures in a virtually grandiose fashion by the spotlight of History

      --Frantz Fanon

      Progressives must embrace the complementary energies of critical race theory and the Occupy movements to enrich critical race theory. Working within and amongst the current progressive activist energies, critical race theory may be able to garner a much needed boost for its waning critical power. Progressives must unite to fulfill the promises of those who inspire us whether those inspirations are Derrick Bell, Vladimir Lenin, Martin Luther King, Jr., or Mahatma Gandhi. Together progressives can draw on the divergent success of our various paths and energize other progressives to advance their fronts of struggle. Movements need not be in opposition to each other, they can draw from each other. And, social movements are integral to a better understanding of law. The path to successful activism is in branching out, joining forces, and moving together toward a future that is more just and more livable.

Nick J. Sciullo is working on a Ph.D. in Communications at Georgia State University.