Vernellia Randall, Sally Giess, Gabrielle Boller, Cornelia Tinkler, Shalonda Bayless, Andrew Romero, Stacey Henry and Charles Whipple, Section 1115 Medicaid Waivers: Critiquing the State Applications, 26 Seton Hall Law Review 1069 (1996) (Full Document)



I. Introduction 1070
A. Overview of Medicaid p. 1070
B. Overview of State Waivers p. 1074

II. Assuring Access to Care p. 1090
A. Medicaid and Access p. 1090
B. Financial Barriers to Health Care p. 1092
C. Nonfinancial Barriers to Health Care p. 1093
D. Critiquing State Waiver Applications p. 1096
E. Assuring Access to Care: Conclusion p. 1108

III. Quality Assurance p. 1110
A. Overview p. 1110
B. Section 1115 Medicaid Waivers and Managed Care p. 1115
C. Critiquing State Waiver Applications p. 1117
D. Assuring Quality Health Care: Conclusion p. 1128

IV. Protecting Patients from Cost Containment p. 1129
A. Overview p. 1130
B. Critiquing State Waiver Application p. 1134
C. Protecting Patients from Cost Containment: p. 1140

V. Conclusion p. 1140