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Cite: Vernellia R, Randall, Race and Gender Climate at the Law School (March 26, 2001) (Last Visited: November 26, 2020)

RacialBullying.01 02

Inappropriate Racial and Gender CommentsRacialBullying.03 05 

Impingement on Academic Freedom

RacialBullying.05 08


 Refusal to Accept Needs as Women and Faculty of Color

RacialBullying.08 10


Verbal/Physical Abuse and Inappropriate Physical Contact

RacialBullying.10 12


 Marginalization by Faculty, Staff and Students

RacialBullying.12 15


Behaving in a Paternalistic Manner and the Presumption of Incompetence 

RacialBullying.15 17



 Inequitable Treatment and Changing Standards

RacialBullying.18 20


Refusal to Diversity Faculty and Staff

RacialBullying.20 21

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