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Professor Randall's Note: I try to live my life (both professionally and personally) as an activist, a progressive and a radical.  If blacks (and other people of color) ever hope to gain true freedom and progress than we must be willing to engage in the struggle daily, even if it means "our lives and the lives of others".





The whole history of progress of human liberty
Shows that all concessions
Yet made to her august claims
Have been born of earnest struggle.
If there is no struggle
 There is no progress.


Those who profess to favor freedom,
And yet deprecate agitation,
Are men [and women] who want crops 
Without plowing up the ground,
They want rain 
Without thunder and lightning.
They want the ocean
Without the awful roar of its waters.
This struggle may be a moral one;
Or it may be a physical one;
Or it may be both moral and physical;
But it must be a struggle. 
Power concedes nothing without a demand.
It never did, and it never will.
Find out just what any people
Will quietly submit to 
And you have found the exact measure
Of injustice and wrong 
Which will be imposed upon them,
And these will continue till they are resisted. . . 
The limits. . . are prescribed 
By the endurance 
Of those whom. . [are] oppress[ed].


Men [and Women] may not get all they pay for
in this world, but they pay for all they get.
If we ever get free 
from the oppressions and wrong heaped on us,
we must pay for their removal.
We must do this 
by labor, 
by suffering,
by sacrifice,

and if needs be
by our lives and the lives of others