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Thanks to Attorney Antonio Moore and  Ms. Yvette Carnell for encouraging the discourse on the subject.


I acknowledge, appreciate, and respect their contribution to the Reparations Movement in the United States. If I understand their presentation and contribution correctly, in respect to, American Descendants of Slavery(ADOS), I share the following for further discussion and collaboration:


1) Our socio-economic, political data don’t trump(pun intended) our Peoplehood.


2 It is our Peoplehood that identifies us in the first instance, context, and legacy in the U.S.A.


3) Other Descendants of Africans Enslaved in the U.S.(DAEUS), AND I submit the due order of our identity starts with our origin-who we are, what happened to Us(Us DAEUS), and where.


4) We can set forth irrefutable evidence that our Ancestors are African. Europeans declared war on our Ancestors. The vestiges of that war continue.


5) In this way, they uprooted our Peoplehood. (“Roots, “the movie gives a demonstration of how this was done. I lift this up only as an example of our context in the U.S.)


We should still be in general agreement thus far.


6) The start of our legacy in America is “documented by our Enslavers” as of 1619. From the 1600s to the present day our father’s father’s father and our mother’s mother’s mother were prisoners Chattel Slavery.


7) Their Descendants, “Us Black People” were/are enslaved by the Black Codes, Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration, Racial Discrimination, Affirmative Action, and other actions and behaviors that obfuscate who we are.


8 ) Withstanding all that. We are still legally and factually DAEUS.


9) Therefore, wherever Africans were enslaved, we still are their descendants.


10) To demonstrate this, in closing, I want you to deep think and then rethink your concept of “American Descendants of Slavery(ADOS) within the context of our Ancestors. You should arrive at our agency, status, and standing as built-in identifiers & unifiers within the African Diaspora.


11)It follows that we are Descendants of Africans Enslaved in Brazil(DAEB), Descendants of Africans Enslaved in the Carribean (DAEC), Descendants of Africans Enslaved in Great Britain(DAEGB), so on and so forth throughout the colonized world. Finally, as I have shown, Descendants of Africans Enslaved in the United States(DAEUS)


12) We, Professor Vernellia Randall, and I, are low key and don’t cast our pearls amongst swine. We consider Attorney Moore and Yvette Carnell as partners in the repair of our Peoplehood, and simultaneously all of our other injury areas, broadly and specifically speaking: Economics Education Health Political Prisoners/Mass Incarceration,


13) We welcome an invitation for further discussion.