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From: Michael Harriot, ‘Racist Bone’ Disease: The Diagnosis, Treatment and Causes of Skeletal Racism (6/25/19), (Last Visited: July 19, 2019) (Permission Requested)


MichaelHarriotFor centuries, some of America’s most distinguished public figures have averted criticism of prejudice and bigotry by conducting amateur psychological exams on themselves and declaring to the world that they “don’t have a racist bone in their body.” The list of people who have proclaimed themselves to be racism bone-free includes President Donald Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden, and former House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Recent advances in prejudice technology have finally given scientists the ability to identify the racism bone, revealing that many of the previously accepted self-diagnoses may not be medically sound. Epidemiologists are now scrambling to come up with a vaccine for bone bigotry, but until the FDA approves the antidote, The Root would like to provide our readers with this summary of everything we know so far about racism bone disease.