In April 2024, posted 36 new articles with 2486 hits.  Based on Google Analytics, we had  14775 users in 16,991 engaged sessions and 20,898 page views. Visitors was from 139 countries. The Top Five Countries were the  United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.  The Visitors were from 3389 cities.  The Top City in the United States was New York (654), and the top city internationally was London (185).'s monthly update list has 4249 subscribers. Our Facebook pages  has 15222 followers.  During April on Facebook, there was a 8352 reach and a 2763 post engagement.  The reach is the number of people who saw a post on Facebook at least once. The post engagement is the number of reactions, comments, shares, and clicks on Facebook posts. On Linkedin, we had 2,777 followers and 5,62 post impressions.  Finally, on Quora we had 7,012 views of our posted content.  We don't post to X (Twitter)

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