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Reginald Clark

Obamapologists are mentally ill people who support a sick murderer of children. They suffer from a mental condition known as “compartmentalization.”

“Compartmentalization is an unconscious psychological defense mechanism used to avoid cognitive dissonance, or the mental discomfort and anxiety caused by a person's having conflicting values, cognitions, emotions, beliefs, etc. within themselves. Compartmentalization allows these conflicting ideas to co-exist by inhibiting direct or explicit acknowledgement and interaction between separate compartmentalized self states.”

You see, they KNOW that killing kids is evil; and foul. They know damn well they weren’t raised that way. They also know they are complicit accomplices to the children’s deaths by virtue of the fact that they stand by say nothing as they support the person giving orders to kill them.

These sick individuals remind me of an enabler parent who has been making excuses for their ne’er-do-well, jailbird child for 4 years -- after the child was given a chance to prove himself on a probationary period. The jailbird child is an adult, on probation, and they’re still making excuses for him every chance they get.

For example:

(1) The jailbird adult-child is serial killer, a child killer, a baby murderer, a woman killer, a killer of disabled people. He’s killed thousands of innocent people. The Obamapologist parent excuses her darling by saying “Yes he killed those people but the law said he was within his rights because he felt threatened by them.”

(2) He behaved in ways that caused his family members to LOSE JOBS and lose their retirement money. Now they’re even more destitute than they already were a few years ago. The Obamapologist parent tries excuses her sugarplum by saying “Yes those family members are worse off but it’s not his fault. He tried….and remember that those family members were in bad shape when he met them to begin with. I know he promised them a rose garden, but he’s not perfect.”

(3) He gave away most of the money in the family member’s saving account to his rich friends as huge loans and bailouts, but told his other family members that they would just have to sacrifice more. The Obamapologist parent tries to excuse him by saying “Oh those wealthy friends needed that money. His family members are nothing but complainers anyway. They need to be quiet and let my baby do his job.”

The Obamapologist parent is extremely creative at finding ANY excuse. It’s ALWAYS somebody else’s fault. ALWAYS. These Obamapologist parents are prepared to keep up their routine for 4 years, 8 years, a lifetime if necessary. They will NEVER cop to the fact that their son is an asshole. These adults are too emotionally close to their baby to even DARE criticize him. In fact, they are mentally and emotionally sick.

The irony is that if their Republican neighbor’s son had done the same things that her son did, the Obamapologist parent would be all over town gossiping about how flawed that Republican son is. Bottom line is that Obamapologists are sick in the head. Most psychologists acknowledge this fact. These depraved individuals support child murder. Totally without ethics, just like their loser son.


"Reginald Clark is a scholar and health care activist who believes a good health care policy should provide All citizens with access to comprehensive, high quality health care. Originally from Chicago, he resides in the Los Angeles area where he is an author (Family Life and School Achievement: Why Poor Black Children Succeed or Fail), a researcher, and a college lecturer in the areas of Child and Family Studies and Urban Education.  He also is a licensed insurance agent who links wage earners to retirement savings plans available through insurance companies that guarantee safe lifetime income."