Josh Wickett, The Matrix: A Counter Racist Movie Review, (Last Visited: June 2, 2022)


You are here because you know something, what you know you can"t explain, but you feel it. You felt it your entire life; that there"s something wrong with the world. You don"t know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind"


When I discuss the subject of racism I never get challenged as to its existence, even White people will admit that it does exist.  The big controversy is always a question of dimensions i.e. its size.  Lacking all the "programming language" necessary to describe the phenomenon let alone the mechanics behind its operation; I found the movie very interesting.  This theatrical description of a system of deception so refined its victims don"t even realized they are being mistreated was very therapeutic for me.

It was d"j" vu all over again.

The Matrix is a unique blend of several popular genres. Comic books, Kung Foo flicks, video games, Zen Mysticism, science fiction and a big dose of counter racism code. I have no idea where to start so I'll just use the same strategy I use with counter racism science, I'll ask a question.

What is a Matrix?

MATRIX: 1. Orig., the womb; uterus 2 that within which, or within and from which, something originates, takes form, or develops"

At some point in the future machines become smart enough to challenge humans for control of what will be done. A war ensues and the humans lose. Whether by deception or direct violence almost all humans now exist in a co[COON]  stage , their brains connected to a "neural interactive simulation" i.e. The Matrix. A giant computer program in which they live out their lives "virtually" while actually existing in a near comatose state. The entire human experience has been reduced to 0nes and zeros and humans now exist solely to provide energy to the machines. People are born and die without ever "living", they just exist, producing power for the machines that are their masters. The Machines have created a  "system". And yes, it is a system of mistreatment. All humans are victims of and servants to the machines and their system.  This includes Apathetic "I don"t know and I don"t care" Coppertop Humans,  "House Humans" (people who help the machines maintain the Matrix in exchange for extra privileges).


Humans who attempt to bring about the destruction of the Matrix.  Morpheus is one such human.

Lawrence Fishburne plays "Morpheus", the leader of a small band of humans who have disconnected from the Matrix and are searching for "The One"; a person who"s coming is prophesized to signal the destruction of the Matrix. Morpheus is kinda like a cross between John the Baptist, Osama Bin Laden and a Harriet Tubman . Hiding, running, fighting when he has to, but all the while searching for "The One".  Morpheus thinks Neo is the one. Neo, played by Keanu Reeves is a corporate software drone by day and a computer hacker by night. Neo appears to be a person having trouble with the program (Matrix), he has all the symptoms: A.D.D, sleeplessness, that "under whelming sense of accomplishment" that comes from being a third or even 3/5ths of what you COULD be. Ya"ll know what I talking about. Its that, "there"s got to be more to life cause this is bullshit" syndrome. When they meet Neo is still plugged into the Matrix. Stuck in the "ca[COOON] stage. Try to keep track of when events take place  "virtually" in the "neural interactive simulation (Matrix) and when its "really" happening in the "real world". If you get confused just note their clothing. 

Morpheus and his crew "hack" into the Matrix and it is there they attempt to counter it by unplugging other victims. Armed with little more than the knowledge that the Matrix does exist, SOME codes that govern its operation and a burning sense of Justice, they continuously enter the Matrix to their own detriment.  Morpheus must be doin damage cause they looking for this nigga bigtime! I suspect their "pirate signal" they broadcast is just information the machines don"t want humans to know i.e. the truth that "you are a slave" born into a prison you cannot taste or touch, a prison for your mind". Many victims of racism are confused about the system of racism White supremacy because they lack perspective. They can"t look down on it or up at it because they are inside of it"surrounded by it. And to make matters worse, they were born into it. Being mistreated on the basis of color is all they"ve ever known. Some people have a suspicion that racism White supremacy is a recent phenomenon, the evidence does exist; but for the most part, non-white people accept the program. The White supremacist have been pretty successful at convincing almost all people that the best arrangement between people is one based on maintaining the power equation of White/non-white. This dynamic is brutally enforced by the White supremacists with two strategies:

1. Deception
2. Direct violence


            If you tell the average  Black person, "since you"re Black you hafta work twice as hard as a White person to get half as far"" most of them will accept it without question. Your six year old might say "why", but that"s because she doesn"t know any better (smile)"yet.

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is"you have to see it for your self

When Neo is brought to see Morpheus, he is given a choice of whether to find out what the Matrix is (get unplugged) or continue living in a dream world. Neo takes the red pill, which initiates the process of disconnecting from the Matrix (a very graphic and awesome scene to say the least). Neo, hairless and naked gets flushed out into what appears to be a sewer system, he is then picked up by Morpheus"s hovercraft; the Nebercanezzer. Having spent his entire life as a "digital nigger", Neo is confused an exhausted. His muscles are weak from never doing anything and his eyes hurt from being kept in the dark. But his biggest problem is mental. He doesn"t know why he exists. Neo is what is commonly referred to in nigger pathology as an "institutional man". Can"t think for himself because he has never been allowed or expected to.

            Morpheus has waited a long time to find "The One" He seems so sure about Neo that his behavior appears to be an act of faith. The rest of the crew is a bit skeptical but they seem to trust Morpheus enough to keep the "playah hatin" to a minimum.   Morpheus is smooth and calm but even he doesn"t have all the answers. He doesn"t even know what year it is. All he knows is that somebody must destroy the Matrix.  Pay close attention to the way Morpheus thinks about the machines. Everybody else starts to freak out, cuss, and get upset" But Morpheus stays cool, calm and focused i.e. codified.  

            You"ve been living in a dream world Neo, this is the world as it exists today"

Morpheus takes Neo to the "construct" for a little meeting. I"m not sure why this is done because Neo saw some of this when he was unplugged. Maybe its just artistic license, but it is here that Neo gets his "nigger wake up call".  I may have this wrong, but the construct appears to be like a mini matrix that Morpheus and his crew use to practice counter Matrix techniques and interact in. When Morpheus gives Neo a more detailed picture of what the Matrix is and how it came to be, Neo freaks out. This is why you have to be careful when you reveal truth to Black people about the system of racism White supremacy. They don"t wanna hear it cause it hurts; hurts that ego"yep,  "we were kings and queens bla bla bla"pyramids bla bla bla, parents of all humanity bla bla bla", and look at us now. With the exception of church, we can"t do shit without White people!

Schools-fucked up, hospitals-fucked up, neighborhood- fucked up, entire countries-fucked up" Check out the look on Neo"s face when Morpheus holds that Duracell up. " No,  no"I don"t believe you"this can"t be true"" And incase some of  ya"ll think I"m just some angry kneegrow with a big white chip on my shoulder, read "Black Bourgeoisie" by E. Franklin Frazier. Not many people know about the hell he caught for revealing truth about the system of racism White supremacy"in 1957!

Black people live in a world of MAKE believe that is not of their own MAKING.

So be advised; When truth is revealed about the system of racism White supremacy, Black people are gonna get embarrassed.

I know cause I"m one of em. When I explain how I got tricked into training a White person to be my supervisor; I"m highly embarrassed. When I explain how I spent  a year working  an "illegal alien" (but he was a White person), I"m highly embarrassed. It hurts my ego to admit that I was mistreated and didn"t know it till years later.

(((shakin my head)))

Its gonna happen so use caution when you attempt to "free a mind".

If you reveal truth about the system of racism White supremacy to a Black person who ain"t "ready", they might pop. It is not constructive to force a person to face a problem they"ve been running from their entire life. You hafta wait until they are ready. How can you tell when a VOR is "ready"?

Well the first thing you gotta do is "put the fire out"; my code says FIRST AID FIRST! Pick em up outta the road, cut em down from the tree" render assistance to the most immediate trauma. The best time to reveal truth about the system of racism White supremacy to a Black person is right AFTER they been "body slammed", shanked, MISTREATED ON THE BASIS OF COLOR. Keep an eye out for the casualties; walking wounded, combat ineffectives, shell shocked" Just start askin questions that reveal truth. Take their hand and walk them through their own logic; stopping along the way to point out the "roadside bombs", ambush zones, minefields"

Victim: " so they been planning this all day?"

Old Victim: "they been planin this all your life son!"

 The key to this technique is correct language. What is the best language to DESCRIBE the problem? White people do this all the time because they understand that words are tools. (Plus they know what they want to do)

SOME Black people understand this; Neely Fuller is one of them.  The UICCSC he authored is for Victims of Racism. He could have used the term "Black people" or the term "non white people". But by using the term "Victims of racism" he cuts through all the niggerized language we have been taught to use such as "*MINOR*ity", "disadvantaged youth", "urban" and my all time favorite: "people of color" (White people coined that term so they wouldn"t hafta use the term "non white" which reveals too much truth about their dominate role in establishing, expanding, maintaining and refining the system of [Race]ism White supremacy). Words are the windows people use on to see into your mind.

Think I"m kiddin?

OK, before you go to bed tonight, tell your girlfriend you "really like" her"see how much sleep you get. Your ass is gonna be up all night tryin to back outta that one.

BTW: if a White person ever asks you what your ethnic background is, tell them "I"m YOUR ethnic background" (thanks VGOD)

I can"t go back can I?         

                           No, but if you could, would you really want to?


When Neo finally understands what he is up against he draws a blank. Lying on a couch staring into space, he was confused before, now he"s confused AND he knows "he can"t go back". This is a really great scene because although Morpheus is making an apology for getting Neo involved in this, at the same time he is asking Neo for help. Morpheus explains his entire purpose in this scene"lays it all out and then leaves Neo to think. Talk about code! This was one of the most obtuse suggestions I"ve ever witnessed but for Neo it was a direct hit.  Morpheus is very codified with the way he deals with victims. He doesn"t just tell them what to do. He gives them the mechanics too; the training, the logic.  This was a very interesting part of the movie because it dealt with the essence of what a code is. A code is simply the best way of doing something that undergoes constant refinement. Plumbing, Kung Foo, counter racism"a code is a code is a code. Neo gets all kinds of codes downloaded directly into his brain and then goes into the construct to try them out, refine them.  The fight scene between Morpheus and Neo was interesting because Morpheus was forcing Neo to "show new style". I heard a rumor that Richard Williams made Venus and Serena play older males growing up. This is how you improve your code; you get better by constantly challenging yourself.  I consider Kung Foo to be the Chinese equivalent of hip-hop.  Like rappin, the basic structure is simple so style and creativity count for a whole lot more. This is a real turning point in the movie because Neo is coming out of the "ca[COOON] stage, he"s starting to ask questions and  to think  critically about all the events he experiences  and what they all add up to. That"s the first step in becoming smart i.e. "the ability to do more things". Check Neo out after he falls off the building:

Neo: I thought it wasn"t real.

Morpheus: The mind makes it real.

Neo: If you"re killed in the Matrix you die here?

Morpheus: The body cannot live without the mind.

Neo is asking questions. This is correct behavior on the part of victims of anything: car bombings, cancer,  plane crashes, RACISM WHITE SUPREMACY"The White supremacist train niggers to avoid asking questions about racism White supremacy or for that matter, anything. Meanwhile they roam the planet questioning everybody and everything!  " the moon (sob, whine) why is it doing that"its just up there shining"all night long, why? Why? (sob, whine) its just hanging there like a nigger in front of a liquor store (sob) Why? Why is it doing that? (sob, whine, sob")"


Neo"s training is not sugar coated. Morpheus ain"t out to make a nigga feel good pumped up on a buncha lies about "what his ancestors did". Training, practice, diligence; you gotta have the skills cause "being proud" or wearing red, black and green ain"t gonna stop no bullets.

I"ve neglected to mention some other characters. Cypher (which means zero) is a member of Morpheuse"s crew who I suspect thought fighting the Matrix was gonna be fun and exciting but after being in the trenches a while he"s having second thoughts. His contempt for the crew and the mission is very obvious at times. Trinity is a female member of the crew who appears to be 2nd in command after Morpheous. She is lean and tough, a good fighter, but she seems to lack understanding/confidence in what she is attempting to do. Maybe this was done so Morpheus could better fulfill his master/teacher/magic Negro role.  Trinity curses a lot and hands out a classic beat down in the opening scene. The Oracle told Morpheus he would find "The One", but she also told Trinity she would fall in love with "The One". So although Morpheus is a believer when it comes to Neo, Trinity is just watching like she from Missouri or something.  Switch is the other female Who appears to have some kind of Lesbian thing going on but I"m not certain because"you guessed it, I ain"t QUALIFIED to be a lesbian. In Mafia code Switch is "muscle", cut your throat then make a sandwich and watch your own friggin TV. She"s kinda scary but very competent.  Although the two female members of the team are both White, they are an interesting study in contrasts. Trinity has dark hair and dresses in all Black. Switch has Blond hair and dresses in all white. I"m not sure what the signifigence of this is --- Tank and Dozer are two non-white members of the crew and interestingly enough, the only crewmembers born outside the Matrix. (Don"t ask me how that happened"niggas probably late or something) They are "brothers" in both senses of the word. Dozer is like the engineer who runs the ship and Tank is the "operator"; the person who loads the software and gets the crewmembers in and out of the Matrix. Dozer is the practical one; Tank is a little more paisley and "alternative" in his approach.  Apoch was rather cryptic to me. I never really understood what his job was, probably a little of everything; beatdowns, gunplay, software, a man of few words but competent action when you need it. I got the sense he wasn"t really sure if Neo was "The One" but when agents show up Apoch hopes Neo is the one.  Mouse is the youngest member of the crew, probably a gifted programmer. You get the sense that he might be annoying if you are around him too much. I recognized the species right off the bat. One of those "Whiteboys" that are really, really good at ONE thing but they suck in terms of social skills, culture and aesthetics"

All the crew members appear to be volunteers but Morpheus is without a doubt the most focused and dedicated. It"s a great character for Fishburn who I feel is the only actor there that could pull off Shakespeare. The role of Morpheus is a great one but unfortunately this movie was made under conditions dominated by racism White supremacy so Fishburn is still playing a "magic Negro"; a trust worthy non white person whose purpose is to help the main White character gain deep insight into the meaning of life by helping said White person connect with the soul, believe in himself" In spite of that It"s a treat to see Fishburne in his craft. He has several scenes of dialogue that he aces; damn he"s a good actor!


Inside the Matrix they are everyone, and they are no one

Inside the Matrix the machines take the form of sentient programs called "agents". The agents police the Matrix, keep it running smoothly, detect and destroy anomalies"Inside the Matrix agents have great speed and power; they have more ability than humans; including the ability to "travel" through the Matrix by downloading themselves directly into any human still hardwired to the Matrix.  Agent "Smith" is the leader of a 3-agent cell that is looking throughout the Matrix for known "terrorist" such as Morpheus. All the agents have this stereotypical generic White male FBI agent look about them; dark suits, shades, earpiece" At one point when they finally meet, Morpheus even tells agent Smith, "you all look alike to me". Now you didn"t hear that from me cause White people don"t all look alike to me. They may FUNCTION alike but in terms of physical descriptions, I always ask. That way I know how much Kevlar I need.


  Keep in mind that the simulated reality of the Matrix is based on what the machines have found the humans would accept. The Machines wrote the program for the Matrix including the ability of machines in the Matrix (agents) to do more things. This is why the machines take the form of White males in the Matrix. White males are the authority figures humans will accept. The machines themselves may not even know what a White person is. But they know enough to understand the utility of taking their form when dealing with humans in the Matrix. (I do that shit on the phone sometimes; use words like "Balderdash" and "shenanigans"

"Then the White people tell me I sounded "taller" when I show up for the interview)

Hmmm? Its d"j" vu all over again; All day long you walk around seeing nuthin but White people; but you can"t find a White supremacist to save your life! Somebody is maintaining and refining the system of racism White supremacy. Somebody is making sure that all people value, serve, protect and worship those recessive genetic characteristics associated with what is commonly referred to as a White person. The pale skin, blond hair, blue eyes"which one got you? For me it was the "White Jesus".  I spent 18 years praying to what I now realize was Axel Rose of the rock band "Guns and Roses".

(((shakin my head)))

Even today when I pray the first thing I gotta do is lose tha White man with the halo. Got so bad I stopped praying all together. And besides, that sun be "leanin" on White people in a hard way. Go play carpenter in the desert with your best White friend and see if he don"t end up looking like he fell off a motorcycle. There is a very strong possibility that Jesus looked like Bin Laden"or uncle Ben; or Isaac Hayes"no wait, that"s Moses.

Like I said before, when truth is revealed about the system of racism White supremacy its embarrassing. All those Sundays I spent worshipping a White man AND a White woman, (Mary)"its fucking pathetic"no wonder I"m a nigger"look what I been taught.

Askin "him" to forgive "me""like I did something to him; shee-yat! That muh fugga need to be axin me for forgivness"shit!  Wheres my hammer, I"ll put anotha nail up in that muh fu---no wait; that would be mistreatment""the court reporter will strike that last statement from the record".

See what I mean? Racism POISONS the relationships between people and retards constructive activity between them. And makes niggas like me have seizures too!

(please pardon my seizure)


One of the great strength of the agents is their ability to disguise themselves as everything from a homeless man to a "woman in a red dress".  White supremacist do this too. Put on their "liberal hat", "soccer mom hat",  "Jooish hat""Just like Morpheus said, "they are everyone and they are no one".

So for me that means they are everyone (smile)

            Do you always look at the Matrix encoded?

                        You have to"the image translators" work for the construct program"

 That is part of the exchange between Cypher and Neo when Neo observes Cypher working at a computer station with the Matrix code streaming down multiple screens in neon green text. The dialogue can be interpreted a number of ways but since I"m a victim of racism, I look at in terms of counter racism code.  The "image translators" are words. In the system of racism White supremacy, words are tools and one of the main strategies White supremacists use to confuse their victims is to throw buckets of words at them, and throw them fast! Ever notice how fast White people can talk? Listen to talk radio; some of them White people can breathe between syllables!  The words they use serve the construct program (White supremacy). If you don"t understand White supremacy code you end up trying to return all 1000 tennis balls served at you. For example; if you ask a White person: " is the program commonly known as Affirmative action designed to compensate Black people for their mistreatment under a system of racism White supremacy"

They might say:

 "The current administrations socio-economic and political policies are in exact cohesion with that which has been facilitated"indeed"clearly""

See what I mean? They never answered the question.  The "image translators" (words) work for the construct "White supremacy". A whole lot of words were uses that taken together contain no useful information for a victim of racism who is attempting to reveal truth about the system of racism White supremacy.


It happens everyday.

Remember the 2000 vice presidential debates? Bernard Shaw asked both Cheney and Lieberman this question.

Shaw: "Gentlemen for this next question both of you are Black people: You have just been stopped by the police in a case of racial profiling"WHAT WOULD YOU DO ABOUT IT.

Lieberman: "Why I"d be outraged! In this day and time"the great sacrifices made by African Americans"I marched with King" the Boston tea party"Crispus Attucks"No person should ever suffer such abuse in this great country of ours"ham sandwiches"united we stand"Bla bla bla"The Brothers Johnson"trout fishing""

See what I mean? He never answered the question of what he would DO about it. He used buckets of words to describe how he FELT about it. Now it is quite possible that he simply didn"t know what to do about it. And that fine with me because it just confirms my suspicion that its gonna take "new style" on my part to solve the problem. But then again, White people are not niggers.  White people are very smart, you can"t deny all the great and vast things they do, the evidence surrounds you. When you are able to see racism White supremacy code, you can see the great advantage it is to be a White person in a system of White supremacy. The image translators (words) serve the Matrix and that Matrix is racism White supremacy.  The White supremacists work hard to insure that all words and definitions serve the system of White supremacy. They then promote the use of these words among ALL people. This is why a 48-year-old Black person who is a Harvard graduate with multiple masters" degrees and PhDs is no match for a 17-year-old White kid when it comes to discussing racism. The Black person is using  (image translators) words and definitions they got from the White supremacists;

Multi racial
Hate crime
White privilege
People of Color

 The Black person just ends up sounding like a White person"any parrot can do that. (BTW, Polly don"t want no cracker; he wants the cracker to let him out tha FUCKIN CAGE!)

You need counter racist language, words that reveal truth about the system of racism White supremacy.

What you want to do is replace the current system of mistreatment base on color (racism White supremacy) with a better system. A system where no person is mistreated and the person that needs the most help gets the most help. Now, before you can do that, you need a word to describe it.

What word are you going to use?

Come on"stop scratching your head.

JUSTICE (notice how I made the letters big and black? That"s a hint)

A system of Justice would be better than a system of racism White supremacy.

But don"t stop there, ask yourself why. You gotta put tha work in and get your language in place because after giving a long speech about why you support Justice, some White person will stand up and ask you to define it: "well, er"ah"umh, ah, ya know"ah"

((((shakin my head))))

Justice is not a bucket of chicken and a White woman, it ain"t a Lexus and a degree from Harvard, it ain"t a long black robe and a gavel"plenty niggers got all that and they STILL NIGGERS!!!

Justice is: Making sure no person is mistreated and guaranteeing that the person who needs the most help gets the most help.

Any White person who objects to this definition should be directed to observe the back of any milk carton or just let em wait a few years till they bald headed and toothless"staring at the ceiling suckin jello thru a straw"yeah, they gonna need some help too. Matter of fact, that ozone hole is getting big"it may be sooner than they think.


The Matrix cannot tell you who you are

Morpheus thinks Neo is "The One" so he takes him to see the Oracle; I guess for some type of confirmation. I think she was modeled after a fortune teller but I see her more as an "empath", a person possessing the ability to sense another"s feelings" It appears that she runs some kind of daycare center for children who may be "The One".

Inside the Oracles apartment are a bunch of children sitting around achieving their full genetic potential; levitating objects, bending spoons"Naturally they had to include a scene of the "gifted" little White boy. Pale skin and blue eyes wasn"t enough though, they had to give him an English accent so everyone would be SURE this was a gifted little White boy. This kid can bend spoons using his mind. He does just that in front of Neo and then spouts some mystical code about how you shouldn"t try to bend the spoon but instead concentrate on the truth"the truth that there is no spoon. (The child is bending "space", what is space made of?)

See how White children are being taught to "think outside the box"?  I thought this scene was significant because at just about any given time there is a movie out somewhere featuring a White child either "saving the world", outsmarting the adults, or doing something profound or extraordinary. So when 6th grade "Johnny YT" makes a bomb at his school science project, it"s the schools fault because "Johnny just wasn"t challenged"he"s always been high spirited,"gifted", boys will be boys tsk tsk"" But if "Jamal" draws a PICTURE of a gun, ain"t nobody makin excuses for him except maybe, "oh well, niggers and flies, always in some shit."

 The Oracle is just a plain homemaker type but you can tell there is something special about her. Her wisdom comes through in spite of her plain "homestress" appearance. She looks right thru Neo and can tell that he has no purpose in life"typical nigger:

"What can you do?"

"Well, um, ah"ah"I can do what you tell me to do"

(((shakin my head)))

  After a short conversation she informs Neo that he"s not "the one". But then again, Neo lacks confidence and purpose and this I suspect is what the Oracle is looking for in "the one". (Plus that "duh" look on his face don"t help)

Unknown to the other members, Cypher is an informant.  After years of fighting the Matrix, he has grown tired of running and hiding. He wants to get re inserted into the Matrix. He longs to return to the warm ignorant embrace of the co-COON stage.   Unlike Clarence Thomas who has achieved the "nigger American Dream" a big dick, a White woman, and a life time job (thanx Paul Mooney) ; Cypher JUST wants to be rich and somewhat important, like an actor, and, and, "I don"t wanna remember anything".

See what I mean?

Ain"t even back in the caCOON and he"s already thinking like a nigger. This is how Black people think in a system of White supremacy.  "All I want is ________". Just fill in the blank; bucket of chicken, White woman, gold chains, "good hair", light skin"

Meanwhile the White supremacists got their list down to a single word: EVERYTHING!  This includes the ability to decide what non-white people can "have" and "not have" and what they can do and not do" their list includes YOU!

I took a page from their playbook and got my list down to a single word too cause they just keep makin more stuff for niggers to want. Once Black people have Justice they will stop chasin down all tha bullshit; 20 inch platinum rims, $5000 love seats, fur pajamas"

Remember at the beginning of the movie when the agents almost kill Trinity? After she escapes one of them says, "it doesn"t matter, the informant is real". They were talking about Cypher.  I suspect Cypher set Trinity up. If the agents had got there a little bit earlier she would have been popped. Imagine that; going to work everyday with somebody who is trying to get you killed.


"A Black cat just went past us, and then another that looked just like it""

Coming back from visiting the Oracle a Black cat crosses Neo"s path; not once but twice.

Like most people, I was taught that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck"a curse.  I just accepted it because that"s what everybody else said. But now that I am aware of the system of racism White supremacy Im askin questions.

  1. Why are the black cats considered to be dangerous, threatening and/or indicators of bad luck when they cross your path?

  2. What happens if a white cat crosses my path?

  3. What happens if a White person crosses my path?

  4. Who started this smear campaign to TAINT (smile) the image of cats that are black?

You are soaking in this kind of logic everyday, you are immersed in it; and then you get mad at Michael Jackson cause he tries to make himself into a White person. In a system of racism White supremacy, all people are encouraged to value, protect and worship those recessive genetic characteristics that indicate a person MAY be White.  The characteristics are to be valued as are the people who carry them"WHITE PEOPLE. And following that logic, Black people AND their characteristics are devalued. In a system of racism White supremacy Black people are [worthless]; worth less than what?

Worth less than White people.

Now ask yourself, who made that rule up?

(Please pardon my digression)

Anyway, the agents have tracked Cyphers phone (that he planted in a trash can) and have cornered them in a building. Notice what Cypher does when Morpheus asks him for his phone. Somehow the agents cut off their escape route. They pop Mouse and start searching for Morpheus. While trying to sneak out of the building a policeman finds them and attacks. Morpheus decides to go "PLO style" in order for the others to get away. He puts up a good fight but ultimately gets his ass handed to him.

Meanwhile Cypher goes back to the ship. He makes up a lie about how he got separated from everyone else and then wacks Tank and Dozer. He then get on the phone and reveals himself to Trinity; "yeah I betrayed Morpheus, yeah I"m working for the Matrix"I"m tired of this shit"ya"ll are a bunch of losers with a messiah complex, bla bla bla"" He kills Apoch and Switch but right when he"s about to pull the plug on Neo, Tank comes back like Marvin Hagler and wacks him with the ray gun!

The interrogation of Morpheus by the agents is very interesting. Agent Smith goes into some detail about what he thinks humans are. He waxes philosophically about  "you people" and how you  "ruin the neighborhood". He talks about how the first Matrix was a failure because people wouldn"t accept the program; "entire "crops" were lost. But this is all a prelude to gaining the source codes to Zion"s mainframe. They have Morpheus handcuffed, drugged and hooked up to some kind of mind cracking  "vee haf vays ov making you talk" machine. Finally in desperation agent Smith sends the other two agents out of the room.


Because its agent Smith who is about to pop. He starts to "lose it", he starts freakin out and whining about how he"s a victim, and this is all Morpheus"s fault. It"s a very interesting scene because for the first time agent Smith starts to get emotional. In many ways it reminds me of a White person reaching the "saturation point" in a discussion of racism White supremacy. When truth is revealed about the system of White supremacy, the White person begins to feel less powerful and as a consequence they either gotta go home and watch a John Wayne movie, or take a swing at you. Either way when racist logic no longer works on a Black person, the White person usually gets emotional. The other agent even says, "What were you doing?" as if he can tell the racist code was being violated. But check out who answers that question, it ain"t agent Smith is it? See, when it comes to practicing White supremacy, White people help each other out. I"ve been in discussions were I"ve had a White person on the ropes"fully saturated. She done told me how her dad hates niggers and how when something fucked up at work, "THEY" all decided to blame it on the Black person"now she"s crying (((shakin my head)))

But when I ask her if White people ever challenge other White people over whether or not they are White; another White person is gonna jump in and try to answer the question for her.

The White person that does that is usually the White supremacist, its like a reflex, they can"t help it. That White female was about to discuss what White people talk about when there are no non white people around i.e. White supremacy source code, and the White supremacist was stepping in to take the helm and steer clear of that big black iceberg she was heading for. See, White people tell niggers that Hitler was "crazy", but that"s what he was doing.  Makin other White people report to 144 Himmel Strasse for their certificate of racial hygiene. Yeah, my first HIV test gave me a case of the nerves but imagine being a White person and:

Doctor: "we just got the test results back and I"m sorry to inform you but"but"you"re a nigger"

Mr. Clorox: "but I"m not Black!"

Doctor: "Sure you"re not"guards!"

Now ah, were was I"ah, oh yeah,

With Morpheus getting the Gestapo treatment, Tank, Trinity and Neo hafta make a decision. Its only a matter of time before Morpheus starts talking and gives up the Zion source codes, I know he"s a Black super hero and all that but when it comes to hacking, its just a matter of time.  Tank is following the logic; pull the plug on Morpheus and save Zion and the resistance. That"s code, this ain"t no cult of personality"ain"t no L. Ron Hubbard up in here. I see counter racism the same way. The goal of producing Justice is more important than any individual victim of racism; including me

So quit all that slow singin and flower bringin and get on with the mission.

  Trinity don"t know what to do even though she is 2nd in command.  But Neo is for the first time, putting all the logic together. Interestingly, its also the first time he has to make a decision without Morpheus there holding his hand. Without askin anybody, Neo decides to go rescue Morpheous. Its not fearlessness or heroics; its guilt. Neo feels guilty because Morpheus gave his life because he thought Neo was "The One".  Trinity is against it cause she don"t wanna see her piece-a-ass all shot up (the Oracle told her she would fall in love with "The One").

It gets really interesting here because from this point on, Neo has a whole new attitude. That hesitation, uncertainty"that stupid "duh" look on his face is gone. He still doesn"t think he"s "The One" but it doesn"t matter anymore. Neo has arrived at that perfect point, the nexus of will and ability, the spirit. All this time he kept waiting on Morpheus, his "masterteacherguru" to give him the key, "yo main, that was dope, hook me up, hook me up". Now he finally understands. You can"t give somebody the spirit, they gotta get it themselves. Others can show you the door but you gotta walk through it. Neo couldn"t explain it and neither can I. As agent Smith says, "maybe we lack the programming language to describe it".


Guns"lots of guns

The raid to rescue Morpheus starts in the lobby of an office building; it was one of the most intense scenes of gunplay I had witnessed in a long time. Actual blood shed and penetration shots were kept to a minimum, but the graphic nature of the violence displayed had an almost pornographic quality to it. Neo does most of the shooting; using various types of cool and expensive guns while Trinity uses various types of creative kicks and chops and shoots people with their own guns. In the end there must be at least 30 dead soldiers in that lobby. 

But wait, it gets better.

That was just a tease; the real "money shot" is yet to come. They go to the roof and proceed to administer "beat downs"; even providing an agent with one shot to tha dome. It"s during this scene that Neo does what a lot of Black people do; code by necessity. He"s out of ammo and an agent starts emptying a clip at him; better come up with something and be quick about it. With some new steps I ain"t seen before, Neo manages to dodge most of the bullets. Unfortunately, learning code under conditions of maximum emergency is very inefficient. Like a Black person that has a close call with direct racist violence, we usually have no idea how we did it cause we"re just relieved to have survived it.

And ain"t tryin to relive it no time soon!

What happened next really blew me away because it was so codified. There"s a helicopter on the roof. Neo sees it and asks Trinity, "Can you fly that thing?" And Trinity says, "not yet".

(My 5 year old niece said the same thing when I asked her if she could swim"see how we all used to be before we began absorbing White supremacy programming?)

 She then proceeds to do what?

Get the information.



By asking for help.

 Too many Black people don"t ask enough questions and I"m one of em! It"s dual nigger pathology at work here. On the one hand, many Black people don"t want to ask questions because they don"t wanna "look stupid". And on the other hand White people get suspicious of Black people asking questions"that"s their job BOY! William Rasberry, syndicated columnist for the Washington post was at the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington DC when he noticed a strange device near a tree. It had the appearance of a small spacecraft. He asked some of the "tourist" there what it was but none of them seemed to know, so being a Journalist, he did what any journalist would do. He snapped a picture and took a few notes then continued enjoying the cherry blossoms.

Minutes later he was surrounded by law enforcement officials and THEY were asking HIM questions.

What are you doing?

Where are you going?

You seen bin laden?

You seen uncle Ben?

Big Ben?

Gentle Ben?





Are you ET?

(((shakin my head)))

Took his notebook, pen, camera and detained him.  But then counter racism code kicked in; (this is an example of "code by necessity"). Realizing he was under investigation, he then launched his own investigation to find out why he was under investigation. (This is what Black people deal with every fucking day) He did this by asking questions. Turns out that "somebody" saw him asking questions about that device and reported him for "suspicious activity". I suspect it was a White person who was practicing racism White supremacy. They saw a Black person that was NOT acting like a nigger and freaked out.

Bucket of chicken and a 40 oz?

No problem.

Pen and paper?

Call the fucking police"NOW!

We have got to do it. We have got to become the most serious producers of Justice on the planet. You"re looking at it everyday. All the serious White people wear black.. The minister at your funeral is gonna be in black, the judge that sentences you to be "hung by the neck until dead" is gonna have a black robe. The president"s limousine is black, the Stealth bomber is black"

But they want you to be a fucking coon?

Skinnin and grinnin"hammin and shammin?

I don"t think so

I know it"s hard but you must find ways to resist this system of niggerization that has been set up just for you.  Asking questions is one way of doing it. Is it the only way?

 Anyway as I was saying before my seizure,

 If you thought the shootout in the lobby was a "money shot", what happens next is an NRA wet dream.  Trinity having downloaded the pilot code for the B-212 helicopter brings it down directly opposite the room where Morpheus is being held. Neo opens up with a 50 cal gatlin gun that fires like 8000 rounds a minute. It"s an orgy of spent shells and broken glass. Agent Smith has this "WTF" look on his face like "how dare this little nigger "" He pulls out his 9 and starts shootin back but it"s really no contest. Neo hoses down the entire room with a wall of lead, how he avoids hitting Morpheus, I don"t know. Morpheus breaks his cuffs and makes a run for it to the copter but Smith gets lucky and shoots him in the leg. He jumps but ain"t gonna make it so Neo jumps from the chopper and they catch each other in mid air.

There"s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path

Race[ism] is a problem. I KNOW it, you KNOW it"even the presidents of the United States know it. Plenty of people are mouthing off about it all day long about it; and I"m one of em. But like Morpheus says, there"s a difference between knowing and doing it. Problem perception vs. problem resolution i.e. what you DO about it.  The UICCSC is composed of codified suggestions for what a victim of racism should DO and/or SAY to minimize and ultimately end their mistreatment at the hands of the White supremacist and their supreme system of injustice. And I suspect this is why so many niggers choke on it. It gives suggestions of what a VOR should SAY and what a VOR should DO TO: REPLACE WHITE SUPREMACY WITH JUSTICE. You ain"t gonna find that in the newspaper, see it on TV or hear it on the radio. Just the daily drone of nigger pathology: "at risk youth", "endangered species", "disadvantaged youth", "under represented MINORities".

I gotta come up with counter racism code.

This is my assignment. How do I know?

Because I can"t get away from it.

Now, How am I gonna do this?

This is where compensatory counter racism code comes from. The keys for the destruction of the system of racism White supremacy are contained within the system. It ain"t Fuller"his charisma"his cult of personality"I"ve met Neely Fuller and he describes himself as "an old back of the bus country nigger" and guess what? That"s pretty damn accurate. Counter racism code is based on logic. You follow the logic, not tha nigga! No matter where it leads. How do you do that?

By using two main tools:

  1. Asking question that reveal truth

  2. Refusing to lie to yourself or any other people

Now, walk that path"think you can?

They are both difficult for non-white people in a system of White supremacy, but the former is much easier than the latter. Admitting your fears, faults, inadequacies"that is very difficult for me. Everyday I have to practice the techniques of refusing to lie to myself or other people. One technique for accomplishing this awesome task is to start a diary; you can practice revealing truth to your self"get used to it"get comfortable with it" Or get creative and paint that line of code on your ceiling; the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning.

Now what is the constructive value of refusing to lie to yourself? It is the key component to the revelation of truth; it"s really the only weapon you have against the masters of deception. I no longer engage in those endless discussion regarding how "great" Black people are. The White supremacists trick us into trying to prove to them that we are worthy of not being mistreated.

((((shaking my head))))

I don"t try to prove Jesus was Blaaak"

I don"t run and get my book, "100 inventions by Blaxx""I  pull a "pincer movement" by  using words to force the conversation to a point where suggestions must be made""I"m a stupid nigger, my IQ is the same as my shoe size, I"m alcoholic, unemployed, HIV positive, I stink, got no money, no job and one toof"


"I look like a monkey", a monkey with one toof!

Got it?

Now, what do YOU suggest WE do about ME?


I take it straight there and I don"t stop for gas. I"m "back burning". Lay it all out and then wait for their CONSTRUCTIVE suggestion. I often use this technique when a White person starts quoting "Guns Germs and Steel" or talking  bout what their ancestors did"I"m like, "wake me up when you get to the part that justifies mistreating people".  Don"t be surprised if all you get is silence. You don"t need anybody misleading you. You"re already a victim of racism. You want to engineer a situation where White people are either making true statements, OR SHUTTIN THA FUCK UP! Its times like these I realize that silence is truly golden and not just yella.

Tank"need an exit"

Not only does Neo save Morpheus but he also saves Trinity from "Black Hawk Down" syndrome. They all head for a subway phone booth. Morpheus gets out, Trinity gets out, but agent Smith shows up, shoots the phone and Neo is trapped. This time, instead of running, Neo decides to fight. I wasn"t surprised. You get tired of running all your life. Rosa Parks tired, no wonder niggas got a sneaker fetish. You can run forever or fight and take it where its going anyway. It is up to each victim of racism to decide when they will run and when they will fight. This is what the Victims Guaranteed Qualification (VGQ) is all about. Any Black person is qualified to make statements about racism White supremacy and they can"t be criticized for doing so.


Because they are a victim of it. You can challenge the statement but you cannot be critical of the victim for making it. And White people already know this. That"s why they come runnin to you whenever they get accused of being a racist. You are the "expert".



"I"m going to enjoy watching you die Mr. ANDERSON"

 This is a great fight scene. It"s got that wild west flavor to it.  Neo gets  creative with his Kung Foo; like any good rapper he has his own style now; flowin and throwin and showin new style; Some of his combinations were amazing.  But agent Smith is indestructible. He"s like some kind of abominable "Alpha Honkey"; that White man ain"t phased by anything.  During this scene Agent Smith keeps calling Neo "Mr. Anderson". That"s his Matrix name---his "slave name". Remember how mad White people got when Cassius Clay joined the Nation of Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Ali? (Why that ungrateful irresponsible nigger"Grrrrrrr). Certain boxers; Ernie Terell and Floyd Patterson in particular kept calling him "Cassius Clay"; they both found out the hard way what a mistake that was. Agent Smith does too. (And ya"ll thought Snoop Dogg started that "whats my name?" thing). Black people have had a long conflict with the White supremacists over this name thing, it ain"t just me. Ever since Kunte Kinte and even before, non white people have been trying to get White people to address them correctly.  You don"t hear no White people referring to the president of Russia as "Vladimir" do you?  No, they call him PUTIN.  But all day long it"s "Saddam", "Saddam",  "Saddam". That behavior is a deliberate expression of contempt. White people are masters of words and grammar, they know what they"re doing, them muhfuggas be correctin  my own reviews! Talkin bout "you got a dangling participle" and "whom instead of who", and when to add an "E" to the word "Blond"" yeah, that"s the kind of help I get from White people in countering racism; yeah that, and the "drunken clown" syndrome""I"m a White person but I don"t really know what it means to be one"

Then why tha fuck you runnin around claimin to be one?

I ain"t makin this up! A White person said that out of their mouth TO ME! They just say anything to us CAUSE NIGGERS DON"T ASK QUESTIONS!

Think about it, follow the logic; "I"m a homosexual but I really don"t know what it means to be one"

I ain"t buyin that!


(Please pardon my digression)

Neo has basically lost the fight when agent Smith calls him "Mr Anderson" for the 4th time. That"s when Neo has a seizure and dumps Smith in front of a moving subway car.


Agent Smith gets hammered by a subway train. The train squeals to halt and guess who steps off?

Agent Smith!

Jesus Christ! A White man that can"t die?  Shit! This is turning into a horror movie"for me.

But before I could say it, Neo was doing it. He started runnin like he stole something! Through China town, down the alley"the total back street boogie. Tank is directing him to what I think is the same room the movie starts out in; room 303 in the "Heart-O-the City Hotel. He gets to the door and opens it only to find agent Smith standing there pointing a 9 at him.


Neo has that look like the fish at the supermarket; can"t believe he just got shot""who shot ya?" its hard to tell but I think Smith empties a whole clip at him.


Quick! You"ve been shot 15 times at point blank range , what can save you?

A White woman"s kiss!

Yep"uh huh" that"s what happens. Neo is clinically dead, "flat lining. Agent Smith even calls him "Toby" for the 5th time, "goodbye Mr. Anderson".  But hey, that  White woman has the power. Now I know how Jesus came back. Some White woman put a liplock on him and he rose from the dead.

(((shakin my head)))

All three agents start blastin away at Neo but its no use. Neo can now see the Matrix in code form. He can see the "rules" or structure that allows agents to FUNTION differently from all other people; He can see the "system" itself. I have asked White people if there is an advantage to being a White person. They immediately start talking about "White privilege" and how they can shop without being followed, walk into expensive hotels to "look around", get cabs to stop without raising their hand, walk the streets with no ID, get jobs with no experience"White people do many things because many things are easier for White people to do in a system of White supremacy.

April 19th 1995

"can I help you?"

"Yes, I called earlier about the blasting caps and det cord""

"Ah, oh yeah, Mr McViegh right?"


"Drivers license and credit card please"

"Ah"I can"t find it"I must have left it in the truck, I"ll""

"Oh don"t worry, it"s raining out there"just sign right here""

(((shakin my head)))

Niggas always fallin for that "White privilege" bullshit. They don"t realize that White people are describing the EFFECT of something else.  "White privilege" is  caused by something else. It"s that "something" that Neo can now see.

No dodging and duckin this time. Neo just stands there as the bullets slow down and stop right in front of him. Neo even picks one out of the air and studies it. Agent Smith is pissed now. He runs up to administer one of his classic  "beat downs" but Neo counters every punch; he has this catatonic look on his face like he ain"t even trying but Smith can"t connect. Eventually Neo goes inside of Smith and makes hay. Smith explodes in a flash of neon body parts.

The other two agents run away and Neo takes the exit.

The end


"I"m going to show these people what you don"t want them to see.

                                                    I"m going to show them a world"

                                                                 Without you""

Without who?

Or should I say, without whom? (For all the White people reading this)

If you ask the average person they will tell you The Matrix represents """Tha White man", "tha man", "Mr Charlie", "Pink face", "tha cave bitch",  "Peckerwood", "tha cracker", "YT", "the blue eyed devil" , "Miss. Clorox""in other words, the system of racism White supremacy; racist man and racist woman. And that Morpheus, his crew and Zion represent "the resistance", counter racism, Black people, VORs, niggers". But as they say in the NFL,

 "Upon further review""

The machines are representing non-white people.


That"s right.

The machines represent niggers i.e. the "poster children" for racism White supremacy.

The message of this movie is that the machines represent what non-white people will become if they EVER stop submitting to and serving racism White supremacy" MONSTERS!

People are sitting in a theater being programmed regarding who is the "enemy" while they watch a movie about people being programmed. (Mind blowing ain"t it?)

            The machines created the Matrix but the machines are not people. The "Matrix" is a world the machines think humans will be comfortable with.  The machines could have just as easily based the Matrix on 1933 Nazi Germany. Like agent Smith told Morpheus, "the first Matrix was a failure"entire crops were lost". Too many Humans wouldn"t accept the program. The Matrix had to be refined further and further until all tangible evidence of it was hidden; hidden where? Hidden right in front of your face!  This is the reason the machines made the agents in the image of White males.  White males are the authority figures that humans respond to. I suspect the machines found out about this the same way you and I found out about it; by being mistreated on the basis of not being a White person. A great part of the Machines strategy for getting humans to accept the programming was rooted in the human predilection for choice. In other words, make niggers think they are "on the team" and they are more likely to accept the outcome (racism White supremacy).

Look at it this way. The Matrix is a message to White people of what"s gonna happen in the future when the non-white people  "take over the world"; DISASTER!.   The movie confuses non-white people because so many members of the resistance are non-white. But that"s the whole point, White people are seeing the LOGIC "WE are outnumbered, surrounded and threatened with annihilation"" . Niggas is just waitin for the next fight scene.

 Where have you seen that attitude before?

That"s "Custer"s Last Stand", "Planet of the Apes",  "The Alamo", "Black Hawk Down", "Star Wars""In any movie where its humans vs. "things", the humans always represent White people, the "aliens" always represent non white people. When you hear  the term "illegal alien", you don"t get an image of Brittany Spears in your mind, do you?

"Africanized Bees", I heard that on the radio just today (((shakin my head)))

 Morpheus even hints at the strategy for beating the machines:

"Their strength and speed are still based in a world built on rules"because of that"they will never be as strong or as fast as you can be"

That"s a direct message to White people saying " you gotta think outside the box". "Rules" are for niggers, you"re a White person, you have unlimited potential, creativity, vision"

Racist man and Racist woman make, break, bend, change subvert, and  ignore  more "rules" than any other people in the known universe.  Your adherence to these same rules means; " you will never be as strong or as fast as you can be",

Just another nigger with limited thought, limited speech and limited action.

In other words, just like me.

Don"t you want this war to end someday?

Prepare yourself. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) will not be easy. I won"t lie to you. Every counter racist who has attempted to replace White supremacy with Justice has failed. John Brown, Martin Luther King, Gabriel Prosser,  Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Nat Turner, Jesus Christ (yeah he was a nigger too, why else you think he couldn"t get a room in Bethlehem) " all KIAs. But where they have failed, you can succeed by thinking outside the limits the White supremacists have attempted to impose upon your mind. The mind is really the only venue left a non white person  has that the  White supremacists have yet to effectively neutralize. It"s the final bulkhold the Matrix is attempting to breach. They are using words"lots of words.

Your mission is to break their code through the application of counter racism science. Contrary to what you have been taught, you WON"T need lots of words to do this. But you will need the best words; the best words for the revelation of truth.


Because the system of racism White supremacy is built on a foundation of deception, protected by thick walls of falsehood, "factoids" and lies. And  topped with  a blast proof roof composed of layer after layer of misleading obtuse statements designed to deflect all but the most direct questions.

Use truth. That"s all you need; and quite possibly all you will have access to. The White supremacist have effectively dominated everything else.  Nothing penetrates deception like truth.  Its battle tested lethality and density is 2nd to none and plus; you don"t need tons and tons of it.

" And David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a smooth stone, and smote the Philistine and slew him; but there was no sword in the hand of David

In order to use truth to counter racism White supremacy you will need:

1.     Launchers (questions)

2.     Image translators (words)

Here are a few suggestions

1.     Study the techniques, strategies and tactics of countering racism White supremacy. Collect data on the mechanics of HOW it is practiced, maintained, expanded and refined.

2.     Observe the behavior of racist man and racist woman. Recognize the "tools" (words) they use to deceive non-white people and employ the correct counter measures (words).

3.     When a member of THE race (a White person) mistreats a non-white person, call it for what it is, RACISM WHITE SUPREMACY.  Don"t try to dilute the term "racism" by placing a word like "environmental" in front of it.  Avoid using niggardly terms like "bigotry", "hate", "intolerance", "discrimination"" Don"t try to "soft shoe" the mistreatment visited upon you by White people who practice racism White supremacy.  Rip that scab off your wound and let the air hit that rancid white pus oozing out.

4.     Ask White people questions about racism White supremacy and record their answers. Study their answers to determine whether you got the truth, or an answer they only give to Black people (a nigger product).

5.     Learn to give the definitions of words you commonly use and learn to use the words best able to reveal truth.

6.     Learn to create/refine counter racism code by observing all interactions between White people and non white people in all 9 areas of people activity; Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex and War.

  Remember, you exist in a system of racism White supremacy. That"s the Matrix, the prison for your mind. Through the use of words, Racist man and racist woman control your thought, which affects what you say (speech) and ultimately, what you do (behavior). It is my intention to counter this system of deception and mistreatment and replace it with a better system.

A system of Justice; a code of people relations that guarantees no person is mistreated and makes sure the person who needs the most help, gets the most help.

I know, I know, seems like a conflict of interest right?

So what.

As a victim of racism White supremacy I admit I"m fully vested in producing a system of Justice because as a nigger I have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Think about why you are here. It is the question that brought me here. Either I"m here to serve as a victim of racism, or, I"m here to replace racism White supremacy with Justice. Either way, I can"t be blamed.  I am a product of "THEIR" system. The seeds for the destruction of the system of racism White supremacy are held within the system. The revelations you witness are merely growing pains.

May you suffer yours as I suffer mine for as the Architect will reveal to Neo in Reloaded: "your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent in the programming of the Matrix"  (BTW notice that Neo says "you haven"t answer my question" and the architect replies, "interesting"that was quicker than the others)

In other words, White supremacy cannot tell you who you are because as a victim of racism your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent in the programming of racism White supremacy.

Racism White supremacy is why you are reading this right now.

Do you know what you would be doing right now if you were in a system of Justice?

Me either, but I"m sure it wouldn"t be this.

It"s the question that brought you here.

 You know something, what you know you can"t explain,

 But you feel it. You felt it your entire life; that there"s something wrong with the world. You don"t know what it is but its there,

                                                            Like a splinter in your mind"